Reduce, Reuse, Rethink

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Kweek Design is more than a shop with exposure for local designers and artisans. It is a place to meet, for inspiration and education.

Act now

At Kweek Design we love beautiful artisan design, but for production we need resources, and they are running out.  At the same time, we produce 60 billion tons of waste a year, in The Netherlands alone. We think that we need to act now.


Act different

At Kweek Design we believe things can be done differently.  We source and sell local design made by artisans who use the least amount of energy and water during their production process. Besides this, they also greatly reduce their waste or make it last by incorporating the waste materials as a resource for new products.


Choose different

At Kweek Design we are certain you can be good to yourself and to the earth as well.  Not only by simply choosing a product that is made with love, care and attention, that you will cherish and make last, but also by choosing a product of which you know where it came from and who made it.  For an honest cost and with a small impact on the environment, you could make so much difference. Do you dare to choose?